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2 poems by David Schmidt

Anguished Heart

the sinful anguished heart searches for refuge
no where to hide from the demons of despair
dark gaping faces leer in the windows
scratching anxious claws tear into walls
crying out for salvation
screaming inside of an empty chamber
shaking the folds of the garments of doom
tear swollen eyes straining for vision
mind swirls in the swift currents
climbing the walls to the fortress of solace
sliding back into a crevice of shame
shining a light at the words of forgiveness
grasping the hope for redemption’s kindness
begging a plea to the last shred of hope
how hollow can emptiness be
a white painted room without any windows
the cupboards are barren and sound is just silence
words just bounce back and fall to the floor
prayers try to raise even soaked in remorse
gasping the last breath of air

Man with a gun

we hold our breath every second
waiting for the next crazy man
with a semi automatic rifle
and 3 loaded magazines

someone who ran off the rails
with a damaged brain
lost and confused with a desperate mission
with no compulsion to slaughter

I do not recall any woman in the news
standing brazenly with a loaded gun
preparing to spray hot bullets
into a crowded room

what does the man possess
that makes him so unique
does man have such a different brain
compared to women

man stands with that killing tool
so easily procured at his disposal
ready to unleash his anger
just a small pressure of the index finger

it is man not woman who has a fault
or so it seems thus far
someone needs to ask the question
why just the man ?


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