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2 Poems by Carl Scharwath

Ocean Wild Flower

One flower stands alone in a new field of hope.
Breathing passion from your sun-kissed petals,
salt air crowns you wilting with heaviness.
You are the most special among all others.

The other flowers, wind-turned in the tempest,
imply to judge the one solitary plant apart from the mold.
Frail in your life, only needing someone to treasure you,
a broken leaf intercedes to buffer your emotional storm.

Growing through silence entwined in neglect,
your strength is propagated in honesty and kindness.
Turning to the warm blue sky, a passerby’s shadow:
“This flower I prize to blossom in my soul.”


All fluorescent before the dreamscape
The feeling continues
We dispel grotesque delusions
And become luminous
Love will be born
I am desirous
Wary curious
Fading slowly
Sun on his face

Down what streets
The lover
Makes his way
Never to catch up


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