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Night by Samantha Seto

The clock strikes twelve,
voice soaked in red wine from the ball,
I walk under a wide-stretched bridge.

Avenues of trees made of diamonds,
evil spirits haunt me, hidden shadows.
Halfway through, I step out of my glass slipper.

Forbidden majesty, powerful realm of king and queen.
Smoke clouds the drawbridge, circling the castle,
over the moats, light travels sideways.

Tired, I throw myself to the ground.
Curled up, bent next to a stone under cracking twigs.
The sky as obdurately black and blank as hate,
lavish party dress turns into grayish-brown beaten, morbid rags.

Grasp fabric around myself, eyes bewildered,
magical dust escapes, mirror of dreadful screams.
Hysteria whispers, end of the world.

One story disheartening, under a spell.
Fooled by an evil stepmother, clenching my fists,
Never discover my true love, star-crossed life.


2 thoughts on “Night by Samantha Seto

  1. Hi Samatha, I was lead to you by an article in my biological psychiatry news feed. How very brilliant you are in your ability to express feeling ; using perfectly chosen words that seem to trancend the page and become Waves of intrinsicly tangible
    emotions wrenching the readers soul.

    Daphene merkin is particularly effective as well if you are not familiar with her.

    I would likw to communicate an I have a new to research regarding treatment resistant depression that may be very helpful for you and I don’t know how I miss you doing contact work on these blogs but you’re welcome to look for me on Facebook and friend request me there I live in Hyannis Massachusetts and my profile picture is a black and white profile. hope to speak with you at some point thank you for the beautiful poetry
    Laura A. wooldridge
    February 27, 2013

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