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Sirens and Trees by Cassandra Dallett

Squeal off Fruitvale grocery bags blow
sky glows from The Coliseum’s light
sad sack city flat and broke
streets filled with trash
a sofa blocks a driveway
burnt rubber in the orangey air
corn meal between hands
lard in grey plastic containers
some one is keeping bees in the empty lot
at the end of our street
slaps of jagged concrete stacked
at the side of chain link and weeds.

There is hope in Bee Boxes
someone is composting
while someone else empties blunt wrappers
from their car onto the ground
where they’ll float into my yard
join my chimes in the wind’s dance.

My Laotian neighbors started a Marigold farm
over the decrepit fence
I reach from a ladder
grab my cat
his fat fur tangled in the wisteria
I see the yellow flowers
rows and rows
of gold
like a dream.


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