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To My Foreign Cousin by Mitchell Grabois

As gun control looms
Americans rush to arm themselves
You see, we’re surrounded by criminals
and soon to be felons

terrorists with bombs
strapped to their bodies
or carrying anthrax or nerve gas

home invaders
illegal immigrants
hip-hopping ghetto gangstas
juvenile delinquents
in gangs or not

rapers and murderers
alienated women and men no longer willing to lead lives of
quiet desperation
alienated children
women newly empowered to binge drink
and act out transgressive fantasies

members of Quentin Tarantino’s fan club
deviants who even hate manatees
arsonists who own gas stations
ex-husbands with machetes
ex-wives with tasers

women who sing about how beautiful they are
and go insane when no one else recognizes their beauty

the dispossessed
the insufficiently possessed
bald-pated ethnics with the deep blues
and deep purples

They and many other
more numerous than the sands of the sea
or the sins to which Jews confess on the Day of Atonement

want what we have
want to take it
tear it forcefully from our grasp
make us bleed if we don’t give it up
or even if we do

Did I mention rapers and murderers
and killers cruising the soybean fields
looking for innocent victims?

Cousin, I can go on forever
You have no idea how threatening
and dangerous
my country is
Your country may be poor and primitive
but it is a paradise compared to
the United States of America

So, as gun control looms
Americans rush to
arm themselves
in gun shops
and gun shows

Not to mingle Church and State
but our Second Amendment is holy

We have the sacred right to bear arms


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