For Sale Online – Christy O Donnell

Sat at home on my computer thinking everything was fine,
All kinds of stuff came up fast before my very eyes,
An idea came to me lets go surf see what’s online,
Young girls seeking old guys is this truth or a pack of lies,

E-bay offering free insertion and sell your stuff today
Done deal much the same leave your details on the form,
Then it came to me what a way to pass this day,
Everyone is doing it it’s the norm,

Now I decided to sort out what was hers and what was mine,
And put some things for sale on all these sites,
Perhaps I’d go and make a profit here online,
People would bid make an offer if the price was right,

Well up for sale went all the crap that I had found,
People will bid on anything if the price was right or sane,
Here’s me hoping I could make a nice few pound,
They were bidding the clock was ticking and the deadline finally came,

The money it was mine and in the post,
This was oh so easy life would never be the same,
Now I am the seller and the host,
I was searching high and low for any item good or lame,

Pots and pans for sale even pictures off the wall,
People were buying it who they were I couldn’t tell,
I had parcels leaving frequently from my hall,
All was fine all was good things were going pretty well,

The postman came and went with every sale event,
And a bigger van and bigger boxes needed now
This selling stuff online must be heaven sent,
I don’t know what I did before this anyhow,

Now my house is empty and all corners are laid bare,
There is nothing that I own left to sell,
I was so busy selling stuff online it seemed I didn’t care,
And this morning the postman left with the missus sold as well,

Left here on my own I think nothing now is fine,
An empty house a broken heart from selling stuff,
E-bay and Done Deal have sold my life online,
Man for sale any offers I’ve had enough.


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