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Merlot Bogle Vintage 2007 – John Bramblitt

merlot - Email size (2)

While searching for images related to wine, specifically Merlot, I discovered John Bramblitt’s art. Each color in the painting is a different flavor perceived in the Merlot. The colors interact as flavors interact, in a complimentary and scintillating manner. I was very impressed by the vividness of his paintings and the way that his art conveyed the sensory experience of wine. He has been an artist all his life, but began painting after he lost his sight after a series of severe seizures. By using a matte fabric paint he found he could draw fine lines that were permanently raised and that dried very quickly – almost instantly when hit with a heat gun. He also can use a Paasche pen to create very thin lines. The drawings often resemble topographic maps to the sighted. This is evident in the Bogle Merlot 2007 painting, which resembles a world map.

His art incorporates the experience of color, and the evocative feeling of wine. Color has an influence on perception of wine flavors in the olfactory center of the brain. When red dye is added to white wine, even wine experts describe the nose of wine to be similar to red rather than white wines. If even the best wine is dyed blue, wine experts describe off flavors and aromas. You see, we all can be influenced by colors as they relate to wine.

For more information, visit John Bramblitt’s website. I especially enjoyed the Poetry of the Senses flavor paintings.

Moriah LaChapell Contributing Editor

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