Just By Chance – Edward O’Dwyer

Right here is the place we have been coming to since,
this the hour, and yet just by chance

the stars were out that first night, their light just by chance
glittering on the lurching surface of the Shannon,

the near-full moon suspended over the centre of Thomond Bridge
just by chance of where we were stood on the quay.

And just by chance it was the most delicate silence
with which we had no words to shatter

did I think to remove my coat and place it over your shoulders,
brushed your neck with my fingers just by chance of how they shook.

Then it was surely just by chance of the way of the tide
that two swans came floating out from the other side of the bridge

towards us, and so I learned that swans mate for life
just by chance you had read it somewhere before.

And as if just by chance you said that did it occur to me then
I may never have a better opportunity

to kiss you than there and then, that average Wednesday
Limerick was the most romantic place ever and just by chance.

And so gently turning you round to face me,
just by chance of the direction of a late September wind

your russet hair all blown back and so, just by chance,
the whole of your beautiful face staring back at me,

we kissed our first kiss in that most unlikely way
sometimes things happen so perfectly and yet just by chance.


5 thoughts on “Just By Chance – Edward O’Dwyer

  1. A poem from Edward O’Dwyer’s forthcoming collection (note, no italics in comments)A Love Poem Mostly For You from Salmon Press.

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