3 Poems – Ali Znaidi

A Tree Insecurity

Imagine an insecure tree—
a trembling tree to be precise
wind saws shake its trunk
& boughs

The larks leave the nests
& the tree feels lonesome
& dejected

The trembling deepens
& the nightmare becomes
a reality

& the leaves just float in oceans
of causalgia.


Pigeon is screaming.
Alone over the bough.
Her rainbowesque wings
dressed in white plasters:
A house with two broken
fire places.
The shrill roar of the flaneur
stops but the pigeon
still has to cry,
stands the mighty
atop the tree,

Two Short Sequences

memories in old paper photos,
or memories in new digital photos –
which are better?


knitting knots together
nuts and bolts are still


3 thoughts on “3 Poems – Ali Znaidi

  1. Dear Moriah LaChapell & Susan Sweetland Garay,

    Thank you very much for postings my poems in the blue hour magazine. I have noticed a typo in my second poem “Contrast” in line 9. The word “sill” should read as “still”. Could you correct it, please?
    Thank you very much in advance.

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