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Moriah LaChapell 
Viognier is a distinct, aromatic wine variety. It is a low acid grape with high sugar content. Due to the higher sugar content of the grape, it produces higher alcohol wine with floral and stone fruit aromas. Perfume, peaches and apricots are aromas that are often associated with a good Viognier.

It is fermented in stainless steel and oak barrels are not used. It can be consumed young, but will age well. Warm climates are optimal for growing Viognier. In France, it is grown in the Northern Rhone, such as the Château-Grillet AOC, which only produces Viognier. In California, it is grown in the Napa Valley and Paso Robles. In the Pacific Northwest, it is grown in Southern Oregon and Walla Walla Washington.


Del Rio Oregon Viognier

Bonny Doon Paso Robles Viognier

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