Perfect Match – D.M Aderibigbe

That night, the staircase is hooded in a piece of gloom,
I stand in the company of my Egyptian History textbook,
And a Philosophy master-piece.

You come to me,
as a girl who has no friend.
You come to me,
as a lonely lass left to live alone in loneliness.

I get your point, you dissemble very hard.
I can’t give you what you want that night,
But I shove part of my future for you to wolf,
So you could be delirious.

We go to where light stands, you
Carve my name on the wall of eternity,
With a Pen of promise.

I hear unpleasant stories about your chastity,
First – from a brother,
Second – from a friend.

I elect to impugn the verisimilitude to their verity.

I call you over the phone,
you debunk the familiarity of my familiar face.

I pinged you through the electronic media,
You ask, If we ever met anywhere.

I wipe off your contact from my phone,
Like hurricane sandy wiped out a week
Of people,

What of my memory?
What of my feelings?
What of my life?

Your contact is saved in my thought for

What shall I do without you?

The other day, I see you flanked by two strumpets like
A butter spread in the middle of two slices of bread,
On the road to school.

You enter an old guy’s car, he
Drives you away,
I collapse,

Wake up to hear,
We are the perfect match of a different world.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Match – D.M Aderibigbe

  1. This is a ‎​WOoº°˚°ºoow!!!!!!….I can feel d msg of d poem.A good job well done pal………………………………………………………………#Dami of life#

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