My Daughter by Michele Seminara

Why is my daughter crying?
She’s so soft inside
her shell.

If I want to know
I might have to go
and find her
where she’s hiding

Oh why is my daughter crying?
In the past I might have known.

Before she involuted
and expelled me from
her secret world.

Why is my daughter crying?
She says she doesn’t know.

Which cracks my heart
like the day she was born
and I realize (in horror)
I will always be torn –

So I pull her tight
and cradle her there
and run my lips
across her hair
and wish that I
could carry her
inside me

10 thoughts on “My Daughter by Michele Seminara

  1. You have absolutely captured it! This is a poem so perfectly written, guaranteed to rip a mother’s heart out of her chest. It is eloquent and simple, and there is a big lump in my throat even now. Thank you!

  2. I understand this poem so well; it speaks to the deepest hurt at watching a child grow up and away, and it does it beautifully. Tears in my eyes after reading it.

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