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I shift by Bruce Ruston

        I light up
 shift to the left
    the sun lights
      up the smoke
 through two panes
    like the wing tip
           of Gabriel
              is that
 where my soul resides
            in between
             two panes
 getting into the 
 my mind turns to God
    this is my church
        closest I get
           till more solid proof
             is offered 
             in a postal flyer
              which could well
            be recycled anyway
 I think again how
 Gabriel's wingtips
      glisten like
     axes for that
       last battle
 against the horde
               Then I shift
                 the vision
                 as the sun
 hits the mirror
       blinds me
      with light
               I turn to 
              God do you
     bleed every 28 days
        or birth another 

©2012 This work is the property of the author.

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