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past lives by Susan Sweetland Garay

a coworker tells me in the midmorning
of her memories of past lives
and I am momentarily speechless.

I have lost a certain normalcy
to my daily life.
The routine is there
but it’s all a beat or two off,
a step behind
and I can’t manage to catch up.

It seems we
are always either
waiting for or
guarding against
the rain.

So many things grow here
I no longer think it wise or necessary
to remember everything.
I have lost my fear of forgetting.
The earth remembers enough for the both of us.


©2012 This work is the property of the author.


One thought on “past lives by Susan Sweetland Garay

  1. I love this poem, one of the favorite things I’ve read this fall. So many great lines. And the feeling of disorientation and lack of control, somewhat resolved into acceptance in the last lines.

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