Philip Vermaas

Philip Vermaas is a professional copywhore, excessive drinker, lustful fool, fledgeling editor, dilettante animator, occasional graphic designer, fatalistic romantic, self-indulgent poet, failing novelist, borderline mendicant and bad son of the world. Aside from publishing some of his own work, his poetry can be read at Drunken Absurdity, online and in their first print issue. You can also read some of his stuff at Underground Voices, BoySlut, The Weekenders Magazine, Vox Poetica, Citizens for Decent Literature, HorrorSleazeTrash and in issues 138 and 139 of Zygote in my Coffee. An extract from his novel NOURISHMENT has been published in issue 18 of Jungle Jim Magazine. He’s also the editor of online poetry journal Misfits’ Miscellany.

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