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Photography by Louis Staeble
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Photography by Louis Staeble

  Louis Staeble lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. His photographs have appeared in “Agave”, “Blinders Journal”, “Digital Papercut”, “Driftwood”, “Four Ties Literary Review”, “Iron Gall”, “Microfiction Monday”, ”On The Rusk”, “Paper Tape Magazine”, “Revolution John”, “Tupelo Quarterly”, “Up The Staircase Quarterly” and “Your Impossible Voice”. His web page can be viewed at Continue reading



Originally posted on Eunoia Review:
I still see her sometimes, in fragments – the downturned corners of a frown, the small valleys of a clavicle. As if seven years ago the piercing ring of the telephone turned her to glass – and when the voice on the other end began, she shattered. Heather Minette is…