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3 poems by Howie Good

Ambiguities of a Moonless Night Entire species go missing. Relations with the remaining grow strained. Amid the crisis, dusk seems a kind of feeble dawn, a smoked-down cigarette between misshaped knuckles. Former friends of mine live by candlelight and read only children’s books. My own plans are forever being interrupted. I get off the train … Continue reading

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On Trying to Teach The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by John Bradley

You don’t believe in spirits, do you? Shandrika begins, as corporeal bodies float past us in the hallway.  I’ve never seen a spirit, I confess, not sure what, or how to say.  I think of Hector “Cootie” Henry, who saw a several-ton headless hog, links of broken chain dangling from its bloodstained neck, roaming the … Continue reading

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The Only Hurricane That Can’t Be Categorized by Erik Moshe

In a valley without telephone poles, a reindeer that cannot be hunted is a valuable commodity, the one with antlers poised to the cloud sensors like electrical signals, communicating in lipid Morse code to pony-tailed Inca deities somewhere in Sabotage-land. They don’t pay taxes there either, which takes away from storm recovery funds. Wildlife eradicated … Continue reading